World Bank leader affirms belief in climate change

David Malpass, the World Bank president, who was nominated by Donald Trump and who has been accused of climate denial, attempted to restate his views on climate change yesterday, saying, “It’s clear that greenhouse gas emissions are coming from man-made sources, including fossil fuels.”

He had faced calls from activists and climate experts to be removed from his post after he refused to acknowledge that the burning of fossil fuels is warming the planet.

At a New York Times event this week, Malpass would not say whether he accepted that man-made emissions had created a worsening climate crisis. “I’m not a scientist,” he said.

The World Bank aims to reduce poverty by lending money to poor nations to improve their economies and living standards at favorable loan terms. There is growing pressure on the bank to do more to help countries facing climate disasters, and to move away from financing new oil and gas projects.

Former US Vice President Al Gore had on Tuesday called for an overhaul of the World Bank’s leadership, lamenting that the institution isn’t doing enough to finance clean-energy projects in poor nations.

“We have to take the top layers of risk off the access to capital in these developing countries,” Gore said at a climate event hosted by The New York Times. “That’s the job of the World Bank, to coordinate the other multilateral development, he said.



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