Wildfires Rages In 13 US States, Over 100 Million Americans Under Threat

On record, 85 large wildfires are burning in 13 US states, scorching more than 3 million acres, while more than 100 million Americans are in regions covered either under heat advisories or heat warnings.

Officials recorded 14 additional big flames on Tuesday: seven in Texas, two in Alaska, two in Washington, and one each in Arizona and California. In total, more than 6,800 wildland firefighters and other support personnel were sent to fight fires across the US. The mercury could reach 110ºF at some places and met officials predicted the record-breaking heat to continue for a week, The Guardian reported. 

Additionally, the northeast is anticipated to suffer from extreme heat. Between Philadelphia and Boston, the heat index is expected to reach close to 100º F on Wednesday (July 20).

In numerous locations, the National Western Service (NWS) has issued a ‘red flag warning’ on the potential of wildfires. As per the officials, “strong winds and low humidity would likely support the rapid spread of any fires that develop,” in the area spanning from southwest Wyoming to western Nebraska, Guardian reported.

The NWS also issued a red flag warning for the entirety of north and central Texas due to the possibility of intense fire behaviour due to strong winds and low humidity.

Since early April, there have been more than 500 wildfires in Alaska, posing a serious risk to the state and necessitating multiple evacuations. 

Despite the fact that the US and many other countries have been reeling under record-high temperatures, Washington politicians are unlikely to pass any legislation that could help combat the climate crisis. 



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