The Strain Of Europe’s Sizzling Summer

A scorching European summer has affected nearly every part of the frugality and indeed its typically cool regions, a miracle exacerbated by mortal- caused climate change. Across the mainland, people have endured backfires, crop- hanging failure and extreme heat.

The heat has also exposed the vulnerabilities of Europe’s energy system, formerly laid bare by the loss of Russian gas toE.U. warrants. Backfires in Britain have left thousands of northern homes without electricity; failure in Germany has dried up the aqueducts pivotal for transporting coal; and in France, warming gutters have complicated the flushing of nuclear reactors.

Hydropower makes up 90 percent of Norway’s electricity and allows it to export power to several of its neighbors. But force inventories have sunk to the smallest point in 25 times, driving up prices and political pressures. While Norway is eager to integrate into the European request, the country, which is rich in gas and oil painting, is under pressure to keep further of its energy for itself.

Analysis “ The stylish way to break this extremity and get energy security is to as gormandize as possible be independent from Russian gas, ” said Steffen Syvertsen, the principal superintendent of Agder Energi. “ But that’s a big task. ”

Affiliated For months, China has faced its most severe heat surge in six decades. The frugality is suffering, and the heat surge is read to persist for at least another week.



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