The fight To Replace Boris Johnson

Britain’s Conservative Party is in the fray of a resentful crusade to choose a newleader.However, as anticipated, Liz Truss is tagged coming month, If.

And yet the multiple shocks Britain faces feel strangely dissociated from the contest to succeed Boris Johnson, the high minister. The blinkered nature of the debate, judges say, reflects the tricks of the British political system Only rank- and- train members of the Conservative Party can bounce for the coming leader.

That constituency, estimated at around,160, 000 people, is on average aged, whiter and fat than utmost Britons. For this rarefied group, Truss’s pledge of duty cuts is more charming than stark warnings that Britain needs to regale down the doors. Her opponent, Rishi Sunak, who argues that the government must first constrain affectation, is running in the pates.

Johnson The caretaker high minister is on holiday in Greece, having skipped the chance to hold a extremity meeting with his would- be successors.

Labor uneasiness Train trip in Britain largely base to a halt this week after road workers walked out over pay envelope controversies, the rearmost work cessation in a summer of strikes.



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