Sunak or Truss: Britain’s Coming Prime Minister To Be Announced

The results of the Conservative Party leadership contest, which will in turn decide Britain’s coming high minister, will be announced moment at 1230p.m. original time. Liz Truss, the foreign clerk, has piled up a commanding lead in the pates over her opponent, Rishi Sunak, the former chancellor of the Exchequer.

If Truss does emerge victorious, her record as foreign secretary may indicate bumpier relations ahead with both the U.S. and Europe, experts say. She has vowed to push through legislation that would upend post-Brexit trade arrangements in Northern Ireland, stoking fears of a trade war.

The Biden administration is keeping close watch, anxious that the disagreement could hang the Good Friday Agreement.

Unlike Boris Johnson, the current high minister,Truss shows little reverence for the “ special relationship ” between Britain and the U.S. “ It’s special but not exclusive, ” she said last time, noting that Britain had other important allies like Australia, India and European countries. She has presented herself as a hulk on Russia.

“ She’s going to keep playing to the peanut gallery of those who are deeply committed to Brexit, ” said Leslie Vinjamuri, the director of the U.S. and Americas program at Chatham House, the British exploration institution. “ She’s fully aligned with a vision of Britain being global, strong, autonomous and, utmost of all, independent. ” NYT



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