Petition Before New Zealand Parliament Calls On Lawgivers To Change Country’s Official Name

In the 1600s, an anonymous Dutch cartographer named the land now known as New Zealand for Zeeland, a western fiefdom of the Netherlands. It was intended as a companion name for New Holland, as Australia was also known.

Nearly four centuries latterly, Australia has long since shaken its Dutch moniker. But New Zealand lives on — for now, New York Times reports.

A solicitation now before the New Zealand Parliament calls on lawgivers to “ change the country’s sanctioned name to Aotearoa, ” a name used by Maori, the Indigenous people of New Zealand, to relate to the country for decades.

The solicitation also seeks to restore the original Maori names to all of the country’s agreements and other places.

Aotearoa approximately translates from Maori as the “ land of the long white pall. ” It’s extensively believed to be the name bestowed by Kupe, a Polynesian tar — and it is, decreasingly, what numerous New Zealanders and their lawgivers call their home.

Amid continuing culture war pressures, a noncommercial change seems doubtful. pates suggest choosers prefer either New Zealand or a mongrel Aotearoa New Zealand. But the debate speaks to a changing climate.

In 2009, New Zealand’s politicians suggested against creating a vacation for Matariki, the Maori New Year. In June, the vacation was observed nationally for the first time.



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