Pakistan Former Minister Imran Khan Charged Under Antiterrorism Act

Pakistan’s former high minister, Imran Khan, was charged under the country’s antiterrorism act history, in a drastic escalation of the tense power struggle between the country’s current government and its former leader that threatens to set off a fresh round of public uneasiness and fermentation.

The charges came a day after Khan, the former justice star who was ousted from power in a no- confidence vote in April, gave an superheated speech to hundreds of sympathizers at a rally in Islamabad, condemning the recent arrest of one of his top helpers and covenanting to file legal cases against police officers and a judge involved in the case.

Khan has not yet reflected intimately on the charges. He has not yet been arrested, according to a leader of his political party. numerous sweat that if he’s arrested, it may plunge the country into a new round of public uneasiness and violent road demurrers.

Charges The police report detailing the charges against Khan said that his commentary at the rally amounted to a deliberate and illegal attempt to blackjack the country’s bar and police force, original news outlets reported.



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