Meet Japan’s Cyborg Cockroach, Coming to Disaster Area Near You

If an earthquake strikes in the not too distant future and survivors are trapped under tonnes of debris. the first askers to detect them could be masses of cyborg cockroaches,

That is a implicit operation of a recent advance by Japanese experimenters who demonstrated the capability to mount packs of solar cells and electronics on the bugs and control their stir by remote control.

Kenjiro Fukuda and his team at the Thin- Film Device Laboratory at Japanese exploration mammoth Riken developed a flexible solar cell film that is 4 microns thick, about 1/25 the range of a mortal hair, and can fit on the nonentity’s abdomen.

The film allows the roach to move freely while the solar cell generates enough power to reuse and shoot directional signals into sensitive organs on the bug’s hindquarters.

The work builds upon previous insect- control experiment at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and could one day result in cyborg insects that can enter dangerous areas much more efficiently than robots.



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