Iranian Activist Tells Iran Government To Go To Hell

Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad on Monday told the Iranian regime, “Go to hell,” just days after authorities informed her a man armed with an AK-47-style rifle was arrested in the Brooklyn neighborhood where she lives with her family, including her stepchildren.

Authorities are investigating whether the man in custody was there to harm her, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Alinejad was targeted in an alleged kidnapping plot by Iranian nationals last year after she spoke out against the Islamic republic. The plot was organized by an Iranian intelligence official, an indictment alleged, but Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied any involvement, calling the accusation “baseless and ridiculous,” according to semiofficial Iranian state media.

In a CNN interview, she said the Iranian government had been targeting her and her family for her efforts to give voice to those being oppressed in the country where she was born.

“I’m not scared (for) my life at all because I know what I’m doing. I have only one life, and I dedicated my life to give voice to Iranian people inside Iran who bravely go to the streets — face guns and bullets to protest against Iranian regime — but this is happening in America,” she said.

Dictators are joining forces, sharing playbooks, she said, and if democratic countries don’t do the same, more Americans will be targeted. Toward the end of the televised interview, she asked if she could speak directly to the Iranian regime.

Facing the camera, her curly hair uncovered and decorated with a flower, she said, “Go to hell. I’m not scared of you. I have only one life. You care about power. I care about my dignity and freedom like millions of other people inside Iran. I’m not scared of you. You can kill me, but you cannot kill the idea. The idea is just fighting for freedom, dignity.”

Alinejad, a US citizen, then urged President Joe Biden to expel Iranian diplomats in the country.

“The Iranian regime twice challenged the US government on US soil. I deserve to have freedom in the United States of America. Kick them out. If you don’t, believe me, they’re going to come after more American citizens,” she said.



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