Finland debates its leader’s parties

Sanna Marin, Finland’s 36- time-old high minister, is gulfed in a reproach after vids of her dancing at a party were blurted this month.

The conflict, my coworker Katrin Bennhold reported from Helsinki, is at the heart of the country’s identity shift to getting a lamp of progressive fustiness. Some Finns are clamoring for Marin’s abdication, arguing that her conduct is unsuitable of a high minister. Others see her as inspirational.

The issue has also raised the question of whether Marin is held to a different standard than aged manly leaders. “ This hurts a certain type of senior man, ” said Tarja Halonen, who was Finland’s first womanish chairman. “ They’re hysterical of the situation — that it’s more and more normal that women of all periods take political places and that women are now more the rule than the exception. ”

environment Indeed by Finnish norms, Marin is exceptionally youthful and her government exceptionally womanish. When she took office in 2019, at 34, she was further than 20 times youngish than her two immediate manly forerunners when they entered office.

Legacy Marin has guided Finland through the coronavirus epidemic with one of Europe’s smallest death rates. After Russia raided Ukraine, she traveled to Sweden to win support for Finland’s and Sweden’s momentous shot to join NATO.



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