Extreme Heat In Europe, Over 14000 People Evacuates Near Bordeaux

Life-threatening heat wave is continuing its march across Western Europe this week.

Spain and Italy baked over the weekend, and wildfires raged in France, prompting the evacuation of more than 14,000 people near Bordeaux since early last week, the local authorities said.

NYT reports that France’s national weather forecaster predicted temperatures of at least 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) on the country’s Atlantic coast through tomorrow.

Now, the blistering weather is moving to Britain. Today and tomorrow, temperatures could soar to 41 degrees Celsius, which would shatter records. Air-conditioning is rare in the country, where buildings are constructed to retain heat (because cold temperatures have, in the past, been a bigger concern).

Here’s a guide to staying safe and cool during a heat wave.

Heat waves in Europe have increased in frequency and intensity over the past four decades.

Energy prices have shot up in Europe partly because of the war, making air-conditioners more expensive to run.

Last summer In July, floods killed hundreds in Germany and other countries. In August, multiple wildfires consumed large areas of Greece, and one Sicilian town may have recorded the hottest temperature ever in Europe: about 51 degrees Celsius (nearly 124 degrees Fahrenheit).



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