Europe is sacrificing its ancient forest for logging

When the E.U. began subsidizing wood burning over a decade agone
, it was seen as a quick boost for renewable energy. Chips and bullets were retailed as a way to turn sawdust waste into green power. But those subventions have given rise to a booming request, to the point that wood is now Europe’s largest renewable energy source. TheE.U. now consumes far further wood bullets than any other region.

As demand surges amid a Russian energy crunch, whole trees are being gathered for power. While European nations can count wood power toward their clean- energy targets, the E.U. scientific exploration agency said last time that burning wood released more carbon dioxide than would have been emitted had that energy come from fossil energies.

The European Parliament will coming week vote on a bill that would exclude utmost of the subventions and enjoin countries from burning whole trees to meet their clean energy targets. But with inventories of Russian oil painting and gas in jeopardy, some European governments are pushing hard to keep the subsidies in place.

E.U. sanctioned exploration couldn’t identify the source of 120 million metric tons of wood used across the mainland last time.



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