Buying A Season Ticket Between Barcelona, Seville, Madrid And Bilbao Metropolises Further Accessible, As Spain Offers Free Train Travel

Some train peregrinations in Spain will be free of charge from 1 September to 31 December.

The scheme, blazoned by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on 12 July, applies to short and medium distance trains run by the public rail driver Renfe. It’s open to all ethnicities, including transnational excursionists.

Free tickets are available on all Renfe commuter trains( Cercanías and Rodalies) and mid-distance indigenous lines covering journeys of lower than 300 km( Media Distancia routes).

The 100 per cent reduction is only available on multi-trip tickets, not mates. trip on other services, including long distance trains and those operated by other companies, won’t come under the measures.

This could mean free train trip between metropolises like Barcelona and Seville or Madrid and Bilbao- if you’re willing to commit to buying a season ticket.

Although the tickets are free, a deposit of €10 or €20 is needed to take advantage of the offer. You must have made at least 16 journeys by the end of December for this to be reimbursed.

The free train tickets are aimed at reducing the impact of the cost of living extremity in the country.

Germany introduced a analogous measure between June and August with a blinked civil public transport pass. It gave trippers
unlimited use of original and indigenous services for just €9 a month.

But Spain has decided to go one step further by making train trip on its Renfe services free between September and December this time.



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