Rivers Government Has Done Nothing But Frivolities Since They Got Into Office - Chief Okocha

The acting chairman of All Progressives Congress ( APC ), in Rivers State Chief Tony C Okocha KSC JP DSSRS,  has said that the current government of Rivers State has done nothing but frivolities since they got power 9 months ago. Chief Okocha made this revelation while appearing on 95.1 ( Today FM ) and 92.3 ( Nigerian Info) in Port-Harcourt. 

Sir Tony, who is also the state representative on the management board of the Niger Delta Development Commission ( NDDC), highlighted that the time for politics has passed, and there's an urgent need for Governor Sim Fubara to focus on delivering the dividends of democracy to Rivers people, as they didn't elect him to carryout thanksgiving every week. According to him " who was really against SIM and what was the case against him?  He won at the tribunal and the appeal court and it was only natural for him to win at the supreme court, now he has won he has to stop the jamboree of thanksgivings in the twenty-three local government areas and focus on making Rivers people feel the impact of Governance, that is why he was elected. I hear each Thanksgiving costs as much as Hundred to one hundred and fifty million, multiply that by the twenty-three local government areas,  and you'll see how Rivers money is been wasted".

On the issue regarding projects so far, Chief Okocha opined "Look at Lagos state and how they have become a hub of industrialization, but here in Rivers we have nothing at all to show,  even the low hanging fruits or projects as you may call it, left by the former governor, the current Governor hasn't been able to complete it and that's so bad. 

As regards the eight-point agreement between Mr. President,  Governor Sim, and the minister of Federal Capital Territory Chied Barr Wike, Sir Tony Okocha said  " The President gave orders, and it must be followed to the later, doing six out of eight is unacceptable, because part obedience is disobedience, I  was there in person and it's my duty to keep reminding President Tinubu as his eye and leader of the party in this state, about the refusal of one party to honor the agreement. The budget must be President back to the original assembly members and speaker because that's the right thing to do. As the acting chairman of the party, I derive power from the national office and I can query the law markers for not enforcing instructions of our leader and President, I'm  sure before it gets to that point, the governor will have done the right thing, there's no 2 ways about this " 

He further said "At no point did former Governor  Wike try to remove SIM during the court process,  remember it's his lawyer that stood for SIM all through the judicial process. Who was Wike going to replace SIM with? Tonye Cole? That's laughable, we will keep speaking and engaging with facts till the right thing is done ".

When asked about the  Soku Cholera intervention and honour  of Ken Saro-Wiwa by the Niger Delta Development Commission Chief Tony Okocha said " The issue of Soku community  is not one to be dragged back and forth,  I have never been to Soku in my entire life before the day we visited, we got information of the Cholera , and sent medical experts to help of verify and it turned out to be true , i had to quickly approach the management board of my commission and they gave us approval,  that's how we went to Soku and delivered health items to the people, the government claim we stage managed  it , and i ask at what point did they visit the community to ascertain if it was true  or not , they can't sit in port-harcourt and say something is not true , to show how grateful the people are , they are still sending us thank you messages. The issue of late Ken Saro-Wiwa is one every mature Nigerian knows , Infact as a member of a youth labour force , i attending all the seatings for the conviction of Late Saro- Wiwa, I knew he hasn't been honoured as much as he ough to have , that's why in my own little way , I thought my commission can honour the activist,  especially when my brother Honorable Celestine Akpobari brought it to my notice . This is why we got Solar-powered  streetlights to light-up his community and we intend to do a few other things in his honour "

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