Nigeria Security Agents Need To Arrest And Question Sheik Gumi

World Institute for Peace is deeply concerned about the recent outbursts of Sheik Ahmad Gumi against the Nigeria military and security agents whenever they take action against bandits and other terrorists.

 His continuous criticism and condemnation of the efforts of the security forces send signals that Gumi may be among the sponsors of the insecurity in Nigeria. It is imperative that Nigeria security agents take immediate action to question Sheik Gumi regarding his involvement in the ongoing insecurity in the country. 

His consistent defence of bandits and terrorists raises serious questions about his motives and possible connections to these criminal elements.

Sheik Gumi's inflammatory statements not only undermine the efforts of the security forces but also embolden the criminals to continue their reign of terror across the country. 

His actions constitute threat to national security and must be addressed with urgency. Or is Gumi above the law? 

Therefore, the World Institute for Peace calls on Nigeria security agents to arrest Sheik Gumi and question him within the next seven days. 

It is crucial that he is held accountable for his words and actions, and that the authorities investigate any possible links between him and the perpetrators of violence in Nigeria.

Lastly, the World Institute for Peace urges the Nigeria security agents to take decisive action against Sheik Gumi in order to protect the lives and security of the Nigerian people. It is time to hold accountable those who seek to undermine the peace and stability of the country.I thank you.


Chief Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi,Executive Director,World Institute for Peace.

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