COPY Lashes Out At Osun State Government Over Press Gagging, ....Advises Adeleke To Approach Governance With Openness And Transparency To Mitigate The Pressure Of Criticism Instead Of Resorting To Draconian Measures.

It is with utmost concern and disappointment that the Congress of Progressive Youth (COPY) responds to the recent announcement by the Osun State Government regarding the establishment of a Cyber Crime Action Committee purportedly aimed at curbing fake news and cyber crimes.

This move by the State Government is not only deeply troubling but also reeks of an attempt to stifle the press and trample on the fundamental rights of freedom of speech. We see through the thinly veiled guise of combating fake news, recognizing it as a blatant assault on the democratic values we hold dear.

It is worth noting that if successive governments had adopted such draconian measures, many among the current officeholders in the Adeleke administration would have found themselves behind bars. It is regrettable that individuals who once championed dissent and scrutiny have now become proponents of censorship and repression.

Particularly egregious is the involvement of Barrister Kolapo Alimi, who has a documented history of using derogatory and vulgar language against former Governor Isiaka Oyetola. It is hypocritical for him to suddenly champion intolerance when his own actions in government are subjected to public scrutiny. The same individual who once threw decorum to the wind and launched personal attacks against political opponents is now leading efforts to silence dissenting voices.

The Congress of Progressive Youth advises the incumbent government to refrain from diverting attention to minor issues and instead focus on addressing the myriad problems facing the people of Osun State. By offering genuine solutions and conducting governance transparently, they can effectively address criticisms from the opposition and earn the trust of the populace. We urge the government to uphold the principles of democracy and respect the rights of citizens rather than resorting to authoritarian tactics.


Lekan Ibraheem 

Secretary, COPY

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