Canada to approve only 2,92,000 study permits for international students this year

Canada has implemented its study permit cap, with the Trudeau government allotting approximately 292,000 permits for undergraduate and post graduate students in 2024.

Recent revelations from Canada's Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, have shed light on the actual number of study permits available for college and undergraduate international students in 2024—approximately 292,000, according to recent report by the Globe and Mail.

This comes after Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) imposed an overall cap on study permit applications, aiming to address what they deem as "unsustainable growth" in the international student program.

The initial cap, set at around 360,000, was intended to reduce the number of approved study permits by 35% over two years, emphasizing the need to enhance the system's integrity. However, the immigration minister may not have the statutory authority to limit the number of approved visas, only the applications processed by IRCC.

During a meeting of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM), Minister Miller clarified, stating, "I can only cap the applications and not the actual issuance of visas." The cap was designed to control intake levels and was distributed by population across Canada.

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