Inisa Muslim Youth Forum(IMYF) Break Silence On Inisa Central Mosque Imamship Tussle


Inisa Central Mosque: Clarification About Imamship Tussle

Last Friday, we welcomed the Osun State Governor, Sen. Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke, to Inisa, Odo-otin local government of Osun State. He joined us at Inisa Central Mosque for Jummaht service and later proceeded to Olu Inisa's palace to pay homage to our traditional ruler, Kabiesi, Oba Joseph Oyedele Fasikun II.

There was a misconception about the presence of the Governor on that day based on the ongoing issue of Imamship tussle, which caused the closure of the Mosque for some time and eventually reopened a few months ago. Some people don't know that it's normal for a Governor to engage with the people of his state by visiting them in their domains and getting feedback on service delivery.

The Governor's presence in Inisa last Friday was part of his government responsibilities. He visited us in Inisa and performed the Jummaht service with us.

Inisa is not the first nor the last town he will visit to pray. So, any other speculations apart from this are out of curiosity or ignorance.

Regarding the issue of Imamship, it started in 2020 after the demise of the Late Chief Imam, Alhaji Surakat Asiyanbi, and his deputy, Alhaji Qozeem Adebisi (late Naibul Imam). Since then, the tussle for who will be the next Chief Imam of Inisa began, causing controversy among the league of Imams and Alfas in Inisa. This led to the formation of caucuses among themselves and a legal battle in the court of law due to non-compliance by one side to follow the process for picking the next Imam according to Islamic law (Shariah) and Quranic guidance. They did not agree to the process, citing lack of backing from our palace authority and the Kabiesi, who happens to be a devout Christian with no knowledge of Islamic ethics, let alone the criteria and procedures for the emergence of a Chief Imam.

On November 25, 2021, the Federal High Court in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, issued a motion on notice with an order of interlocutory injunction to deprive both parties involved of claiming the throne and leading as Chief Imam in the central mosque. Since the injunction, the Inisa Central Mosque has been closed because they failed to provide a neutral person to lead the congregation until the issue is resolved.

We are glad and grateful that the Mosque has reopened despite the fact that the issue has not been resolved.

As a responsible forum in Inisa, we hereby wish to clarify to the public that the issue is still pending in court due to the ongoing allegedly politically motivated strike of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) Osun State chapter. We believe the case will continue once the Judiciary resumes office.

To us, the Osun State council of Imams and Alfas, under the chairmanship of the Chief Imam of Osogbo in collaboration with the state government, has chosen an interim leader for the Mosque. They have appointed Alhaji Abdul Akeem Muh. Jamiu as an interim Imam with the knowledge of Inisa palace authority.

The issue has also reached the attention of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) under the presidency of the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakir III, and the Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria (SCSN). Even the president of SCSN, Sheik Abdur-Rasheed Hadiyatullah, has already met with the grand Imam of Osun State, Sheik Musa Animashaun (Chief Imam of Osogbo), on how to constitute the committee to examine the contestants for the post according to Shariah, ensuring a fair selection process.

We believe their resolutions are to await the ruling of the court of law when it resumes. Perhaps, the parties involved might even decide to withdraw the case and seek a resolution according to Islamic ethics.

Imamship is not a hereditary chieftaincy title like traditional rulership. Imamship is a religious position with Islamic ways and procedures for choosing the Imam, devoid of sentiment or tradition.

We, the Muslim Youth Forum, urge the people of Inisa to disregard any speculation that Governor Ademola Adeleke endorses the interim person leading the Jummaht service. There is no basis for such claims.

The case is still in court, and the issue has gone beyond our local actions. It even surpasses the interest of a traditional ruler who is not part of our religion.

Inisa's progress and development are paramount to us. We cannot allow any setbacks that hinder development and progress in our land. We advocate for progress. We advocate for development.

May Allah bless Inisa,

May Allah bless Osun State,

May Allah bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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