Ignore Fabricated Lies Against Lawrence Abioye, Burkinabe Company Headquartered In Malaysia Clears Air

This is to inform member of the public to ignore fabricated news making around social media platforms, tagging Mr. Abioye Tosin Lawrence as scammer, " networking company headquartered in Hong Kong whose branch situated on fancophne soil in Burkina-Faso stated. 

In a statement by Mr. Ayo, issued and made available to the pressmen,  "Owing to established rules of the company's branch in Burkina-Faso, the business requires prospecting two members to joining the business as established by the founder, an indian based, Dato Vijay Eswaran. The business was brought into Africa by the former President of ivory coast, Fofana Amara which was planned for good 35years, having many offices across the globe.

The company had two ways of prospect which are professional and non-professional. However, the new member who decide to wage media war was invited non-professionally.

The company Leader, Mr. Ayo, noted that Abioye has championed struggle, fighting some bad element who have turned the business into scamming, delaying registration for members and thereby lavishing their hard-earned money.

Mr. Abioye was one of the 12 victims whose registration fund misappropriated by the top leader who was relinquished of his status, the case and effort to refund the twelve victims is ongoing in burkinabe police department. 

Mr. Abioye has however, helped uncover the secret of 12million Naira embezzled by the top leader on his heel, as family members promised recompense.

Owing to manner of bringing prospect, he had recently lament the state of new prospect as misappropriation of fund by few uncultured leaders who have failed in their predispositions as impediment, "It'll be hard for new member to build network on a fallen roof, "this outburst the recent media cacophony against his personality."

The sponsor of such media story is recognized as a new member of the networking business, had presentation with other four Nigerian Nationals on same day 30th, January, 2024.

He attended paradigm shift and had begun training in our company before news of his sudden disappearance, he had lodged complain of health related issue concerning his son.

The pummelled crises he met on ground made him decide otherwise and report was brought into office immediately whilst the company resolute he give more time, giving possible wayout.

"750 Business Volume (BV) had been processed on request, Meanwhile selling of Tracking Code (TC) is advisable in this regard.

We urge every Nigerians not to portray the country's image in a bad light wherever they migrates for greener pastures as effort underway to ensure those making the business not to look real will soon meet waterloo.

We also promise to adjust and scrutinize those who becomes leaders, the fate of new members joining the business is in their hands, anyone caught of fund misappropriation will face the wrath of law.

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