Amitolu Shittu Pays Tribute To Late Veteran Actor, Remi Olofaina

A Human Rights Activists and the Former Field Commander of Osun Amotekun Corps, Comrade Jagunmolu Amitolu Shittu on Friday paid tribute to the late veteran actor Chief Adedeji Aderemi a.k.a Remi Olofaina at his residence in Ede, Osun State.

Amitolu described the death of the veteran actor as a great knowing well the great talent that is gone.

According to him "ERIN WO, AJANAKU SUN BI OKE!

"The death of Chief Adedeji Aderemi a.k.a Remi Olofaina was a loss to the Yoruba race given his dexterity in the promotion of genuine Yoruba speaking and promotion of real Yoruba culture and tradition by showcasing the beauty of Yoruba idioms and proverbs in the movies industry.

"Chief Adedeji Aderemi (a.k.a Remi Olofaina ) was a great Yoruba theatre and movies director and producer.

"Olofaina's death is a great loss knowing well the great talent that is gone. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his immediate family, the people of Osun State, Edeland, and the entire theater and movie industry, and everyone touched by this devastating experience". 

Comrade High Chief Amitolu Shittu 

Jagunmolu of Owuile Kingdom

Bobakeye of Ororuwo Land

Akinrogun of Okini Land

Gbobaniyi of Ikire-Ile and 

Bobagunwa of Edunabon.

Friday 5th January,2024

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