Osun: Davido's "Timeless Concert" For Governor Adeleke's Victory Unfulfilled ...a disappointment era for Osun People?, By Bright Gbotemi

In a surprising turn of events, several months have passed since Nigerian music sensation, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido announced his plans to hold a "Timeless Concert" in celebration of Governor Ademola Adeleke's victory, and yet the promised event remains a mere promise unfulfilled for the people of Osun State.

VOICE AIR MEDIA's Correspondent recounted that Davido took to his Social Media handles on May 9, 2023, at 6:02 pm to declare his move for the grand concert, an event that was meant to commemorate Governor Adeleke's Supreme Court triumph. 

"Following the victory of his uncle, Ademola Adeleke at the Supreme Court, Afrobeats star, Davido, proposed to hold a musical concert in the State to celebrate the victory."

Recalled that VOICE AIR MEDIA reported that the Supreme Court on Tuesday affirmed Adeleke’s triumph in the July 12, 2022, governorship political race.

The Governor, in response, signified his approval with a "DONE" sign, leaving citizens eager for the promised festivities.

As the year draws to a close with only four(4) days left on the calendar, Osun residents are growing increasingly disappointed with the unfulfilled commitment.

The anticipation that once filled the air has now turned into a mixture of frustration and skepticism.

Efforts to reach Davido's Management for comments on the delayed concert have so far been unsuccessful, leaving the public in the dark about the reasons behind the promise yet unfulfilled. 

Some citizens speculate logistic issues, while others question the sincerity of the initial announcement or the State Governor, Ademola Adeleke is not doing well to deserve a befitting musical concert that will increase the social life and showcase talent of the people in the state?

Hmmm! Questions begging for answers 

Governor Adeleke, known for his energetic dance moves that went viral during the electioneering campaign, has not addressed the issue publicly, further adding to the confusion surrounding the delayed celebration.

Osun residents, who were looking forward to the "Timeless Concert" as a moment of joy and unity, now find themselves in a state of limbo, wondering if their expectations will ever be met. 

As the end of the year approaches, the pressure mounts on Davido and Governor Adeleke to shed light on the status of the promised event and provide the people of Osun with the closure they deserve.

©Bright Gbotemi, the Publisher of Voice Air Media, Online Newspaper. 

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