`You Cannot Arrest Democracy,` Oshiomhole Faults Timing Of NLC`s Imo Protest


The senator argues the NLC president must be seen to be above board and must not “drag himself into the little issues.”

Senator Adams Oshiomhole of Edo North spoke out on Wednesday against a protest by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Imo State two weeks ago, led by its president, Joe Ajaero, which kicked off a series of events that culminated in an ongoing nationwide strike by organised labour.

The former NLC president, who appeared on Channels Television`s Politics Today, called Ajaero`s supposed involvement in the election of the NLC chairman in the south-eastern state, in the lead-up to last Saturday`s highly anticipated governorship election.

Ajaero was arrested on November 1, in the middle of a protest and strike action by the NLC in the state and released hours later with visible bruises, prompting allegations of torture against the Imo State Police Command.

Oshiomhole noted that as a result, the NLC president banned flights out of the state.

“He ordered… no transport out of Imo [and that] Imo must be grounded. And quite a few people were surprised by the timing," the senator said.

"If you don't want a governor, let more people vote - if your opinion is shared by the majority of people, get rid of the governor. But you can't stop democracy."

Oshimohole Noting that the current NLC chairman hails from Imo State, he said, ``This is the second time I am confronting the governor, but the issue is by no means clear.''

According to him, the first instance was a dispute over preferential treatment for workers in the NLC chairmanship election in the Imo State House of Assembly.

“The NLC Chairman, a man who was said to be well-liked by many, was from that area, but perhaps he was not well-liked,” Oshiomhole argued.

"They made their choice. "It was abolished and an administrator was appointed, but some workers were of the opinion that the person appointed was the one preferred by the president. ”

According to the senator, the NLC president should be seen as having integrity and “not be extravagant.” Especially when it comes to his own condition, he is boring in "getting caught up in things."

“These questions about who is the chairman, who is not induced to declare a strike and the parent union of the NLC chairman is NUEE, which controls the electricity supply, and in my opinion they switched off the state ” Oshiomhole narrated. .

“This was about nine or 10 days before the last election. Once again the NLC President went to Imo State with all kinds of allegations, but they were never concrete. Salary. There was no such thing, and at the end of the day we saw a picture of him being arrested.''

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