Future Builders Initiative (FBI) Advocates for Justice Amidst Disturbing Incidents of Domestic Violence and Exploitation against Ms. Mojibola Adeleke

In a deeply distressing turn of events, Future Builders Initiative (FBI) urgently calls for justice following a harrowing incident of domestic violence, aggravated assault, and economic exploitation involving Ms. Mojibola Adeleke, a dedicated member of our organization. The reprehensible acts occurred on the night of November 19, 2023, at their residence in Owode-Ede, Osun State.

Ms. Adeleke, the victim in this horrific incident, suffered severe physical harm at the hands of her fiancé, Mr. Olaitan Oluwaseyi. The assault, which took place at approximately 11:00 pm, went beyond the boundaries of physical violence, as Ms. Adeleke was also bitten by a dog within the household. The severity of the situation necessitated the intervention of concerned neighbors to rescue her from further harm.

This incident is not an isolated occurrence; rather, it marks an alarming escalation in a pattern of abuse within the relationship. Previous instances of abuse have been reported, but none were as severe as this recent attack. The violence Ms. Adeleke endured this time reached a horrifying level, resulting in blood gushing from her ear and causing several other bodily injuries.

In the aftermath of the assault, Ms. Adeleke sought prompt medical attention at a nearby hospital, where she received preliminary medical care. The medical professionals at the hospital have meticulously documented all treatments administered, and we have secured these records for any necessary legal proceedings. Furthermore, due to the dog bite sustained during the incident, Ms. Adeleke now requires anti-rabies treatment, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Compounding the distress, it has been brought to our attention that Mr. Olaitan Oluwaseyi is withholding some of Ms. Adeleke's personal belongings, including her ASUS Laptop, SKYRUN 40 inches TV, and iPhone 11. This not only adds an economic burden to an already dire situation but also raises concerns about further intimidation and control.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, it has been revealed that in February 2021, Mr. Oluwaseyi misused Ms. Adeleke's GT Bank account without her consent, borrowing a substantial amount of 350,000 naira and failing to repay to date. This financial exploitation further highlights the pattern of abuse and manipulation that Ms. Adeleke has endured.

Disturbingly, we have learned that Mr. Olaitan Oluwaseyi has a history of similar abusive behavior towards other women. Reports indicate that he has engaged in comparable acts of violence and manipulation in the past, victimizing multiple women. Recent instances suggest a consistent pattern of aggression towards others, raising concerns about Mr. Oluwaseyi's potential to pose a continued threat to the safety and well-being of women within his reach.

Moreover, it has been dishearteningly reported that Mr. Oluwaseyi who claimed he works with the Osun State Commissioner for Land and the Osun-ORAMP Project, boasted during the recent incident, expressing the belief that he is well-connected and insinuating that Ms. Mojibola Adeleke would be powerless to seek justice. These claims, if accurate, emphasize the urgency of a thorough investigation to ensure that justice prevails, free from any undue influence. It is crucial that the legal process remains impartial and transparent, demonstrating that no one is above the law, regardless of their perceived connections or influence.

As an organization committed to the well-being and safety of individuals within our community, particularly our members, we urgently seek the intervention of the Osun State Police Command. We call for a thorough investigation into this incident and prompt legal action against Mr. Olaitan Oluwaseyi in accordance with the relevant laws governing domestic violence and assault. Additionally, we implore the command to provide protection and support to Ms. Mojibola Adeleke, ensuring her safety as this matter unfolds.

Future Builders Initiative is fully prepared to cooperate with law enforcement, providing necessary evidence, photographs documenting injuries, and any relevant information that may aid in the investigation. We trust in the capability of the Osun State Police Command, under the esteemed leadership of the Commissioner, to act promptly and decisively to address this matter and ensure justice is served.

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