Four stowaways arrested hiding onboard Dubai-bound ship – Navy


The stowaways were arrested on Monday by the NNS BEECROFT team while on patrol at a Lagos anchorage.

Four stowaways who attempted to leave the country illegally aboard a container ship (TEME EXPRESS) bound for Dubai were arrested.

The Navy announced the arrest in a statement on Wednesday, saying the stowaways were captured by the NNS BEECROFT team while on patrol at the Lagos anchorage on Monday.

The ship's captain, Kolawole Oguntuga, said the stowaways were found in the ship's wheelhouse with bags of snacks and bagged water.

Mr Oguntuga said maritime awareness group Falcon Eye Alignment played a key role in providing information that led to the arrests.

“After receiving information from the maritime reconnaissance facility, a tactical team was deployed to the ship at Lagos anchorage,” he said.

``Upon arrival, the team noticed movement in the wheelhouse and the team immediately boarded the ship, located and rescued the four stowaways.

``The stowaways were carrying bags of snacks and water.

The commander explained that the stowaways were handed over to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) in accordance with established procedures, adding: added to. They were in a life-threatening situation, especially since they had been in a confined space for an extended period of time.

"They also pose a myriad of security threats to the crew and have a devastating impact on the nation's image," Oguntuga said.

He also reiterated the Navy’s commitment to maintaining maritime security for Nigeria’s economic prosperity.

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