Adeleke’s Achievement Surpassed Set Targets In One Year – Osun Commissioner

Osun State Government has said Governor Ademola Adeleke led Administration has worked tirelessly to deliver on electoral promises within the space of one year in office.

Highlighting the commendable milestones achievement within a year of Governor Adeleke, Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Kolapo Alimi said the Governor’s administration has surpassed targets and expectations.

Alimi disclosed this on Monday at the One-Year Media Briefing, held at ministry of information, State Secretariant, Abere.

Alimi highlighted Adeleke’s commitment to progress despite financial constraints, said the Governor’s five-point agenda has seen significant success across different sectors.

He said, “Our administration has worked tirelessly to deliver on our promises, surpassing set targets despite the challenging financial landscape,” he stated proudly.

”In the infrastructure sector, the completion of 90 kilometers of road reconstruction and ongoing projects, including key intercity roads, showcases a dedication to enhancing transportation networks. The education sector witnessed the rehabilitation of numerous schools, while the execution of 332 water projects demonstrates a strong focus on providing access to clear water

“The health sector has benefited greatly from the Imole medical outreach, providing immediate surgeries to over 50,000 individuals, along with welfare improvements for healthcare professionals and plans for rehabilitating 345 health centers.

“Our commitment to technological advancement is evident through the introduction of digital economy policies, aiming to deepen internet penetration via broadband fiber optic projects” Governor Adeleke emphasized.

He said significant strides were made in reformation efforts, such as restoring the local government system, pension payment adjustments, and launching health insurance for pensioners.

Adeleke added that the tourism sector has seen revitalization, with a focus on cultural events, including the Osun Osogbo, Sango, and Adire festivals, positioning the state as an attractive entertainment hub. Simultaneously, sports development and agricultural initiatives are underway, aiming for holistic growth and development.

“The mining sector’s strategic upgrades and environmentally conscious operations are driving increased revenue generation and sustainable practices,” Governor Adeleke added.

“Inaugurating an infrastructural plan and ensuring its implementation, Osun State stands poised for continued progress and prosperity, with a commitment to delivering further dividends of democracy

“As Osun State celebrates these milestones, the anticipation for more developmental strides under Governor Adeleke’s leadership remains high” he said.

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