Why You Keep Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men

Emotionally Unavailable Men You are emotionally stuck and have trouble communicating. It's no good if you're nice one day and indifferent the next. 

There are several possible reasons why this pattern persists in your dating life: 

1. You have unresolved trauma or attachment issues in your past If you have experienced trauma or have unresolved attachment issues Those with it may unconsciously gravitate towards emotionally unavailable partners. 

This may be due to an unconscious attempt to recreate familiar, albeit unhealthy, relationship dynamics of the past. Seeking therapy or counseling to address these underlying issues can help break this pattern. 

2. Low self-esteem or insecurity People with low self-esteem or insecurity may find it more comfortable to be with emotionally unavailable partners because they don`t believe they deserve better.

 They may fear being rejected by someone emotionally available and instead settle for less. Working on building self-esteem and self-worth can help shift this pattern. 

3. Lack of Clear Boundaries When personal boundaries are weak or unclear, a person may tolerate unacceptable behavior or treatment from an emotionally inaccessible partner. Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries is essential in any relationship and helps prevent emotionally inaccessible people from invading your life. 

4. Repetitive Patterns and Familiarity People tend to do what is familiar, even if it is not healthy. If you grew up in an environment where emotional insecurity was the norm, you may unconsciously seek out a partner who emulates this dynamic.

Breaking this cycle may require a conscious effort to recognize and change your relationship patterns. One way to break this repetitive cycle is to love yourself more. Remember that no one can treat you badly without your permission. 

Love yourself enough to set healthy boundaries and keep your standards high.

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