Rivers Crisis: If you capture my base, I will become politically irrelevant, says Wike


“Are you going to have someone eliminate you right away? I have a base. If you take my base, won't I become politically irrelevant?'' Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike said: commented on the crisis rocking Rivers State under the intrigues of oil-rich Governor Siminalai Fubara. -A rich state. Former Rivers State Governor Mr. Wike on Tuesday entertained South-South leaders while in office. , emphasized the importance of maintaining ground to maintain one's political presence. He argued that once a politician lost his base, he also lost his political relevance. Wike explained that no amount of vilification will deprive him of sleep, adding that he must do the right thing. "We all want to be politically engaged. We all want to maintain the political system," the minister said. "Isn't it the fault of your political system?" Would you allow someone to cut you off so quickly? Everyone has a base. Wouldn't taking away my base make me politically irrelevant? Relations between Wike and Fubara are said to have deteriorated after the House of Assembly threatened to impeach the governor. Some have accused Wike of being the mastermind behind the impeachment plot. The Rivers Assembly Complex was partially destroyed by fire on Sunday night, turning it into a scene of chaos. There was also drama on Monday morning as gunfire cut through the air and a senior Congressional official was removed from office. Fubara stormed the complex on Monday to assess the damage and claimed he had been shot by police, but police said they were investigating the charges. Both Mr. Wike and Mr. Fubara belong to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Wike, however, noted that internal conflicts are prevalent in the political world and are resolved through the use of party mechanisms. ``There's a lot of infighting in politics,'' he said. "But to come out and say, ``Oh, they want to do this to me, it's not going to work.'' At the time, I had full authority to say how this was going to go. So if something isn't right, ask questions. It's a partisan issue. The party knows how to solve its mechanism, and it is not an ethnic problem. "Our party is working on this, that's what I'm saying. Politicians have their interests," the former governor added.

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