N-Power mgt Launches Date for Payment of 8-Months Stipend to beneficiaries

In a recent video released by Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, there is exciting news for enrolled participants in the Npower program in Nigeria.

The eagerly awaited stipend payments are set to commence in January 2024, bringing relief to countless beneficiaries who have been patiently awaiting their dues.

The Npower program, initiated by the Nigerian government in 2016, has been a resounding success, offering employment and training opportunities to millions of unemployed Nigerians across various sectors.

The program’s four components – Npower Teach, Npower Agro, Npower Health, and Npower Build – have provided a lifeline to many, but recent months saw delays in stipend disbursements.

In her video address, Dr. Edu issued a heartfelt apology for these payment delays, directly addressing beneficiaries and reassuring them of the government’s commitment.

She also shed light on the underlying reasons behind these setbacks, including the over-recruitment of applicants beyond the government’s budgetary provisions and issues related to incomplete documentation and biometric data from applicants.

This announcement has triggered mixed reactions among Npower beneficiaries.

While some have welcomed the news with open arms, others remain skeptical, calling for greater transparency in the payment process. In light of this, the government needs to address concerns and build trust among beneficiaries.

As the scheduled payment date approaches, there are steps that Npower beneficiaries can take to ensure a smooth transaction:

Verify Bank

Account Details: Beneficiaries must ensure that their bank account details are accurate and up-to-date to avoid any payment issues.


If beneficiaries have any questions or concerns regarding their payments, they should not hesitate to contact the Npower support team for assistance and clarification.

Patience and Understanding: It is important to remain patient and understanding during this process.

The disbursement of stipends to a large number of beneficiaries may take some time to complete.

The Npower program has proven to be a valuable resource for unemployed Nigerians, offering not only job opportunities but also valuable training and a renewed sense of purpose.

The government’s commitment to resolving the stipend payment issue is a positive sign for the future of Nigeria and the program.

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