If it's your first time having sex, here's what you want your girlfriend to do.

If it's her first time having sex, you might want to perform to impress her.

Tips for Her First Sex It will make her think about you for a long time, but if you try to leave such an impression, you may end up hurting her. 

Some women's first three or four sexual experiences with a girlfriend are not as enjoyable as men's. 

So if your girlfriend says it's her first time, here are some tips for her to follow so that she doesn't become unbearable. 

Please be patient. Initial insertion, even if wet, can be painful for some women. She needs to take her time and be gentle with her approach to make her feel comfortable. 

Successfully passing the first round does not mean you can move on to the second round. She still has to be patient until she gives her permission. 

Stock up on lube: Women naturally produce lube, but the first time you have sex, it's a good idea to have extra lube on hand. This is because if it becomes difficult to penetrate, it may dry out. 

She may want to, but she may be suffering from dryness due to a variety of factors. Lubricant may be helpful for both of you. Please be kind. 

Take it slow and increase your pace over time. She's still learning how to please herself, so she won't enjoy sex if only one person likes how it's going. 

Pay attention to her reactions: Continually observe her reactions during intercourse. If she is in pain or discomfort, she should stop immediately and ask if she is okay. 

It is important that you put her health first and make sure she feels safe and cared for throughout her experience. 

Aftercare: Provides emotional support and reassurance after sex. Talk to her about her experiences and make her feel heard and valued. Be prepared to provide comfort and understanding if she has any concerns or emotional reactions afterward. 

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