How 'Yahoo's' Son Tried to Look Away from Me Over Money Ritual - Delta Woman - Narrated

Emma Elegernoma goes to Caroline Street in Okuokoko after convincing her mother that she has a surprise package. 

He invited his mother, Oke Elegarunoma, to one of his homes. she. When she got there, she was greeted by Emma, ​​who seemed to be in an unusually cheerful mood. 

Then he turned up the volume on his music device. Ms Oke claimed that her son suddenly locked the door, strangled her, and gouged out her eyes the moment she screamed for help, making loud noises. She added that no one could hear her because of the music. 

She said that after arguing with her son for several minutes, she regained her composure and ran outside to get help as neighbors came to help. 

As Oke Eleganoma recounted his ordeal to journalists from his hospital bed where he was recovering, he recalled that before the attack, his son had boasted that he would have to "drive the GLK this week." 

Emma was detained in Orelokpe.

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