Osun Youth Economic & Governance Summit Group drums support for the Emergence of Oyetola as Minister and Basiru As APC National Secretary

 .......Osun-Youth Economic and Governance Summit Group (OEGSG) lends support for Osun indigenes nominated and appointed for Ministerial and National Secretary Positions, imploring the nation to expect the best performances from them.

THE Advisory Board and the Executive Management Team of Osun Youth Economic and Governance Summit Group have thrown their weight behind the nomination and appointment of Osun indigenes as Federal Government of Nigeria’s Minister and National Secretary of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress. The duo of Alhaji Adegboyega Isiaka OYETOLA and Senator Ajibola Surajedeen BASIRU are a round peg in a round hole. 

SEGUN Ajibola who is the Head of Communication and Corporate Affairs of the Group made available the Press Statement of the Forum to the newsmen on Monday. Speaking on behalf of the organized Forum, Oluwaseun Owojori who doubled as the Director-General and the Secretary to the Advisory Board of Osun Youth Economic and Governance Summit Group is reported to have said that “It is time of the moment to perform one of our civic responsibility in moving our nation forward; time to support the elected and appointed with our prayer and passive support. More so that the competent personalities and professionals have been nominated and appointed among many who equally qualified”. 

OLUWASEUN expressed further that “A society is responsible for the leadership in their domain; and if the learned, business-oriented and professionals refused to participate in the election, political and governance processes, they have allowed those who are not eminently qualified to be elected and appointed to governed”.

HE commented that “Alhaji Gboyega Isiaka Oyetola, the former Chief of Staff and Executive Governor in Osun State, and Senator Ajibola Surajudeen Basiru, for Attorney-General and Senator representing Osun Central Senatorial District, are not only learned, business-oriented and professionals but also eminently qualified to be elected and appointed to govern at any levels in the nation irrespective of the Local Government Areas or Senatorial District that they come from in the State. The state has presented her best and the majority are in support”.

AJIBOLA on his part while giving insight into what the Forum stands for expressed that “Osun Youth Economic and Governance Summit Group is a forum for business-persons and professionals who are interested in the economic and governance activities in Osun State. The group is one of the leading Private Sector Think-Tank and Policy Advocacy Groups committed to the development of a modern globally competitive economy and good governance in Osun State, and assemble and develop business and political leaders who think globally and act strategically locally to contribute to Osun State. It was recognized and registered by the Government of Osun State about five years ago and has professionals and technocrats with similar pedigrees of Alhaji Adegboyega Oyetola and Senator Ajibola Basiru across careers and professions (bankers, lawyers, insurance experts, academics, doctors, teachers, architects, engineers, civil servants, etc.) in her membership database.   

He further expressed that the Group is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) focusing on Economic and Governance in our dear state; Osun Youth Economic and Governance Summit Group (OEGSG) reviews and redefines policies of the government of the state by conducting robust research and developmental analysis on economic and governance critical reform issues, and are anchor by capable and reliable youth between ages of 25-50 years. 

AJIBOLA concluded by saying that the Director-General on behalf of the Forum wishes the appointed technocrats and political leaders a successful tenure in office as the indigenes and residents of the State look towards robust contributions to the economy and governance in the State and Nigeria as a nation.

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