Congress of Progressive Youths Condemns Governor Ademola Jackson Adeleke for exploiting Osun Citizens ...Applauds Bola Tinubu Federal Government for Swift Palliative Measures

The Congress of Progressive Youths commends the proactive steps taken by the Bola Tinubu Federal Government in swiftly providing essential palliatives to mitigate the inadvertent challenges stemming from the removal of petroleum subsidy and the unification of the foreign exchange rate. The federal government has shown a deep commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens during these transformative times.

Worthy of note, the people of Osun State are deeply concerned about the recent release of 5 billion naira palliative to the state government by the Federal Government as a special intervention fund to cushion the impact of the removal of petrol subsidy. We are concerned that this money will be used to enrich the new local government caretakers ushered in the black to the state, rather than to benefit the poor and marginalized.

We therefore challenge the Osun State government to be transparent about how this money will be used. We demand that the government provide a detailed plan for how the money will be spent, and that it be accountable to the people for how the money is used.

It is with great concern that we observe the actions of the Adeleke-led government in Osun State, which seem to exploit the hardships faced by our people. Rather than devising transparent programs aimed at poverty alleviation and targeted interventions, the Adeleke administration appears engrossed in amassing resources meant to be distributed by the Federal Government. This misdirection of resources highlights a worrying trend and raises questions about the priorities of the Adeleke government.

The Congress of Progressive Youths firmly believes that effective governance requires a clear vision and a robust capacity to steer the ship of state. Regrettably, the Adeleke-led administration appears to lack the necessary acumen and strategic insight to competently manage the affairs of the state. This apparent lack of direction is concerning and warrants the utmost attention of the citizens.

We call upon the Adeleke government to refocus its efforts towards policies that directly benefit the populace and alleviate the burdens of the people. The Congress of Progressive Youths remains committed to advocating for responsible governance and holding leaders accountable for their actions and decisions.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Wale Popoola  
Spokesperson, Congress of Progressive Youths  

Phone: 09155132284

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