Alubarika Progressives Network Calls for Members to Champion the Cause in Their States, Local Governments, Wards, and Polling Units

The Alubarika Progressives Network (APN) is calling on all members to champion the cause of progressive leadership in their states, local governments, wards, and polling units.

The APN is an independent citizens-driven and youth-led network of progressive young leaders who are mentees, lovers, believers, and advocates of Surajudeen Ajibola Basiru PhD (National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress) politically known as SRJ.

The APN was founded with the mission of promoting progressive values and policies in Nigeria. The network has a strong focus on youth empowerment, policy advocacy and civic engagement.

“SRJ is our ideology and we believe that young people have the power to influence Nigeria for the better,” said Wale Popoola, DG of the APN. “We are calling on all members to get involved in the political process and to champion the cause of progressive leadership in their communities.”

The APN is hosting a series of events across Nigeria in the coming months to engage young people in the political process. The network is also working to build a network of progressive leaders at the state, local government, ward, and polling unit levels.

“We believe that the only way to achieve progressive change in Nigeria is through collective action,” said the Director General “We are calling on all members to join us in building a movement for progressive leadership.”

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